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Public Relations is evolving quickly. From the change in technology used, to the changing marketing dynamics, to increase in demand and empowerment of customers and most importantly the medium and channel used to reach out to the public; every aspect of Public Relations is witnessing a gradual change. Be it an influencer or direct customers, […]

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The value and relevance of the PR industry to the business of education is immense. The Indian education sector has grown to a phenomenal $ 30 billion size and therefore offers a huge opportunity across stakeholders.PR companies can play a key role in strengthening position and building awareness. Targeting audiences is integral for any educational […]

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Are you passionate about life? Are you passionate about updating yourself with the latest trends in the world? Are you a knowledge evangelist and curious about everything that’s happening around you? Are you interactive, out-spoken and confident about your language, content and convenience skills?  If yes, then Public Relations is the most fitting career option […]

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