Are you passionate about life? Are you passionate about updating yourself with the latest trends in the world? Are you a knowledge evangelist and curious about everything that’s happening around you? Are you interactive, out-spoken and confident about your language, content and convenience skills?

 If yes, then Public Relations is the most fitting career option for you!

I am sure you must be having numerous questions in mind pertaining to this statement. But before you come to a conclusion, you are requested to listen (say read) to me for just about 7 minutes, as I speak to you about why you must opt for Public Relations as a career. 

Following the Economic Liberalization in 90s, Public Relations in India is being considered as one of the most handsomely paid and respectable profession with an aggressive growth (in terms of industry, career and otherwise). The latest statistic says the PR Industry in India witnesses 32% average annual growth.

Besides Public Relations is considered as a skilled profession where every PR professionals need to be trained professionally. However, you are not to be confused with the formal part of it because the more aptly qualified you are in degrees related to it. Now-a-days most of colleges and other educational bodies offer various PR courses (Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s degree and even Crash courses are on offer).

Now let’s talk about how you must prepare yourself for your career in Public Relations.

After you are done with your education and raring to step into a career full throttle, prepare a comprehensive portfolio of the entire media industry (including digital space) inclusive of a list of all major names their contact details and latest work. This portfolio will really help you in the long run. The second very important thing you must do is to keep your ego at bay and start being more interactive and adaptive and… willing to work overtime! Do acquaint yourself with latest computer skills and keep yourself abreast will all that’s happening around you #News. Never hesitate in approaching people and learn to make the best use of the wide intellectual diversity available in the industry. … and most importantly, be willing to work and learn, learn and work, be observant and keep the passion for Public Relations burning!

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