In India, people are totally relying on the news they hear from different sources to know the politics and many other industry happenings. Public Relation plays the major role to spread the buzz about all the happenings. In the world of media, PR people are the main heroes of the industry. As per the survey, till the boom in 24X7 news channels of the mid-2000s, all three – advertising, marketing and public relation were seen as equal. It is important for all industries to understand the importance of PR as it helps in building the image by layering the visibility and credibility of the company.Effective use of Media and PR opens the doors for new business and gives a competitive edge among competitors.

Many journalists call PR professionals as PR agents and this portraits a wrong image in the industry. PR professionals are not there in the industry just to give fixed news but to spread the awareness about the new development which comes at the surface. Media will only able to know about some recent development through PR people at that particular timeline. For example, if Facebook comes up with new feature, media will not able to know about it automatically at that particular moment. Here, PR people act as a bridge between the media and the company.

PR people are the agents of communication for clients and it is their major responsibility to hold all the brief of the client to build the positive image in the industry. Sometimes media misinterpret the message spread by the client; in such case PR professionals actively get in touch with the journalist and share proper information at the earliest.

Likewise media people, PR people also has lot of responsibility on the shoulders, in fact sometimes more but some media people consider that PR people are just the puppet of the client. Working hours and holidays of media person are fixed, whether it is print or electronic but for a PR person there is no fixed working hours or holidays, as they cater more responsibilities of the client.

This is the hard core fact, that journalists do need PR help for different stories and to get the right contacts. PR people are very strong in networking and can get the contacts very easily of different sector companies, so media has to depend on them to get the contacts.

Public relation is a tool for helping businesses achieves solid results and visibility in PAN India. Many journalists are shifting from media to PR, as the salary package is also higher as compare to journalism. After 5 years of experience in journalism, the journalist are not getting promotion or good salary package but with the same experience a PR person will get much higher salary or promotion. More PR and marketing departments are recruiting now journalists to create a hybrid that involves multiple roles.

Nowadays, the people behind journalism and public relation get to know each other quite well and are getting benefit from the relationship.Both PR professionals and journalists are gathering around the need to find interesting stories or angles and write well about them. Social networking is the medium through which many of these stories are told and that trend will only become stronger, especially as companies look to PR pros for online reputation management.

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