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Social Media Optimization

As per recent statistics, internet has seen a total of 3.17 billion users in the year 2016 out of which 2.3 billion are active social media users.

Social Media Optimization ensures a global reach of your Social Pages (Read: Your Brand). Optimization on social media platforms is not limited to a particular area but to the whole world. By adopting Social Media Optimization as a medium of advertising, you open your brand’s doors to getting more up, close and personal with your audience.

Media Planning & Buying (Social Marketing)

We know just what your business needs and we’ll get it for you.

The strength of our business comes from utilizing established relationships within vendors and leveraging those to the benefit of our clients in terms of pricing, generation of added value and providing access to unique opportunities ahead of the competition, all for the betterment of your business.

Brand Management

We take responsibility for leading all your marketing and communications from its inception, positioning, market definition, to the entire marketing mix.

We define your brand’s vision and turn it into a reality using the most adequate marketing arsenal that will appeal to the audience and generate multifolds of profit. With a combination of business acumen, creative flair, deep understanding of consumer psychology, marketing and media channels, we will be guardians of your brand’s reputation and tone of voice + style which means defining and approving every word and visual that will go with the brand and/or any activity associated with it.

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management works like a charm for any brand.

With our fluidic approach, we shape public perception of your brand by influencing the audience, keeping in mind the brand’s style and tone of activity. We spot and tinker any misdemeanours which could harm your brand’s entity before it can damage your brand’s reputation.

Email Marketing and More!

Our E-mail Marketing services, expertise and industry knowledge are second to none in the market!

With a gigantic database clubbing in E-mail, Whatsapp and SMS (Short Messaging Service) prospects to target and entice for the best of your business, we are positioned to offer you detailed insights into building best practice E-mail marketing programs.

Beautiful E-mail design combed with rock-solid code equals to inbox perfection.

Looking for some ideas for your next e-mail campaign or template? Hit us up!


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