A day in the life of a PR Professional in Metro cities

The life of a PR professional is not exclusive and different from the lives of other working people
in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai or maybe it is!

As a PR professional, our mission is to ensure a great reputation of our clients’ and their
businesses. Reputation must precede the brand in a way that engages customers, draws them
in, and a PR person goes through great lengths to secure this. Whether it is through print media
and traditional channels, or social media and digital representation, we need to get that brand
out there, and in a positive light.

Coming back to our lives, for most of us, the day starts with going through newspapers to stay
abreast with the latest news and development in various industries, trending topics etc. This is
followed by tracking coverage on our clients’, updating them and prepping up for the long day

By the time we reach our offices, we have at least one good idea for a media pitch or a new
potential campaign for our clients’!

Threading on those lines, here’s what the rest of a typical day in a PR agency in metro cities like
Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. looks like!

Our regular day at Kaizzen begins with “mini-meetings” wherein we take out some time to
connect as a team. Everyone discusses their deliverables for the day and the key message is
clear ‘Follow the deadlines’.

On usual days, the morning meetings are followed by finalizing a content piece, be it a press-
release, an authored article, a blog or any strategic communication, that has been negotiated
with the client for weeks on end, before disseminating them out to relevant journalist in the

While this is going on, there are countless other tasks to complete, like researching for a
prospective client, planning interactions for an event and follow-ups with media and influencers.
Engrossed in the everyday rush of a PR professional, we appreciate the rare, quiet moments
that the day brings to us: hot tea and coffee breaks, a sudden joke cracked by a team member
and the lunch hour where we discuss everything but work!

At the end of the day, we take a hard look at all the projects we handled and the investment of
our time across our allocated tasks. This helps us in quantifying the day’s results and set up for
challenges of the next day.

Finally, towards the end of the day, when our brain is almost dead and our body feels low on
energy, it’s time to brainstorm creative strategies for a pitch, and it is then, we remember why
we love our job. Often the most satisfying part of our day is creating content for campaigns; it
can be anything from bylines to blog posts or a proposal with a creative theme. We are sure if
you ask any PR professional, they will agree with us!

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