In Japanese, Kaizzen means “continuous improvement” and we swear by it. The will to constantly change for the better keeps us on top of the game as we thrive on providing solutions to brands looking to create their independent identity.

Twelve years into the industry, Kaizzen has grown to become a recognized PR agency with pan-India operations. It brings cross-sector expertise to the table with clients from every field ranging from sports, education, hospitality, F&B, IT/telecom, travel and tourism and more.

With over 80 plus national and international clients including prestigious brands such as Adidas, Hilton, Unicef, Jio, PayPal, Air India, Foster’s and Café Coffee Day, Kaizzen is confident in building a brand for you from scratch. Each brand is treated like our baby as we try to nurture it and see it grow while we ourselves evolve during the process.

Kaizzen creates brand value through its experienced and hard-working team that understands its powers and how to use them. We go at great lengths to achieve success for our clients by gathering a deep understanding of them and what they are looking for. Needless to say, we stay updated with all kinds of technologies for maximum customer engagement.

The awards and recognition that we have earned speaks volumes about the quality of work we deliver. That is why we won the prestigious India PR & Corporate Communications Awards (IPRCCA) four times between 2018 and 2019 in various categories. Kaizzen has also won numerous other awards including a Gold in the Sports Category for Adidas Campaign by PR Awards 2019 and the Fulcrum Award 2019 for Best Lifestyle, Luxury and Sports Sector Campaign.

Our fun team of 200 people is spread across Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore and works in sync with each other to achieve company goals.