In today’s digital age, the line between marketing and PR is blurry. Everything targets social media; hard-sell advertising and old fashioned PR are slowly evolving. That’s why at Kaizzen, we make use of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), which encompasses all forms of communication to ensure that your company gets the publicity it needs. We help you recognise your company’s marketing potential and suggest relevant strategies to help you grow, walking you through the whole process.


At Kaizzen, you can expect us to help you do extensive research about your target audience, and what they need from the brand. Then we help you curate the message that your brand wants to broadcast, looking deeply into your company objectives and incentives.


Accordingly, we will incorporate various communication and promotional tools into a well-crafted strategy and help get your brand to your desired audience. It might be challenging to decide which product to place where and the steps needed to promote, but our team of experts will guide you through the entire process. We will help you decide what communication channels you want, help you budget your operations and track the results of each strategy.


We will also help you trace your competitors and help you keep up with their promotional methods. With our team of experts, we will help you pitch brand strategies and campaigns that your company can use within your marketing plans as well. At Kaizzen, our teams have a right mix of young and current talent, eager to give you fresh perspectives on stale promotional outlooks, as well as experienced professionals who can advise you on your next step.